Useful UoA stuff that they don't tell you about unless you're really lucky.

Sorry for the hackjob of a website, but I'm lazy and I only know basic HTML. If you have anything to add, you can email me (my NetID is in the url) or post it to the Overheard @ University of Auckland Facebook group. Thanks to Andrew Chen for making the first list, I just put it together on here and added a few things.


Stop the inactivity notifications in CECIL (Scott Goodhew).

If you don't have Chrome, check out CECIL Tools (User: cecil-tools, pass: access).


Automatically reconnect to NetLogin when it drops out (Kerey Watters).

(Note: you still need to sort out connecting to the proxy and changing your Internet settings to get faster internet on the University WiFi, which you can find on .PDF's here. Use NetLoggedIn as a replacement for NetLogin).

Exam Results

Automatically poll for SSO exam/grade results (so you don't have to keep logging back in etc.) (Milos Ivanovic)

UoACal Timetable

Export your semester timetable into Google Calendar, or iCalendar, or whatever.

Free Software

Heaps of free Microsoft stuff on here. Office, Windows, stuff like that.

Printing Wirelessly

CAPS Wireless Printing. For when you can't get a computer because there are people using their laptops on the computer spots, and you just need to print. Follow the instructions there, or if you're really edgy you can just download the drivers and hope for the best.


But really, just follow the main link.

Other kind of useful things I found while trying to get things done.

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